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June 16, 2020
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TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Bar is honoring 394 attorneys for 50 years of dedication to the practice of law as part of its 2020 Virtual Annual Convention. To be recognized, attorneys must be members in good standing of The Florida Bar, active or inactive, and attain their 50th anniversary of admittance to the practice of law in 2020.

Two Senior Counselors — who have practiced for 50 years or more but have not been members of The Florida Bar for the entire period — also are being recognized.

Coordinated by the Bar’s Senior Lawyers Committee, the speaker is William J. Stewart, Jr., a 50-year member and father of 2020 Florida Bar President John Stewart. His recorded remarks are posted here.

The attorneys are (by circuit):

First Circuit

Kenneth J. Densmore, Pensacola
Michael P. Finney, Pensacola
Paul R. Green, Milton
Robison R. Harrell, Shalimar
Jerome Miller, Destin
Stanley B. Powell, Niceville
S.A. Roddenbery, Jr., Pensacola
Roderick T. Wilson, Santa Rosa Beach

Second Circuit

Charles C. Adams, Tallahassee
Fredric W. Baggett, Tallahassee
Robert T. Benton, II, Tallahassee
John C. Bottcher, Monticello
Ronald W. Brooks, Crawfordville
Frederick M. Bryant, Tallahassee
Bruce Buckley, Havana
Don W. Davis, Tallahassee
Ella Jane P. Davis, Tallahassee
Ken W. Davis, Tallahassee
Rodney G. Fair, Lamont
James R. Guerino, Tallahassee
John F. Harkness, Jr., Tallahassee
Bishop C. Holifield, Tallahassee
Curtis Kiser, Lamont
Douglas S. Lyons, Tallahassee
Marsha L. Lyons, Tallahassee
Roger R. Maas, Tallahassee
Jerome M. Novey, Tallahassee
Kenneth G. Oertel, Tallahassee
Benjamin R. Patterson, III, Tallahassee
George S. Pfeiffer, Tallahassee
Ronald R. Richmond, Tallahassee
Anthony J. Spalla, Tallahassee
John K. Tucker, Tallahassee
George L. Waas, Tallahassee
Benjamin H. Wilkinson, Tallahassee 

Third Circuit

Conrad C. Bishop, Jr., Perry

Fourth Circuit

 Lane T. Burnett, Jacksonville
Jean E. Coker, Jacksonville
Howard L. Dale, Jacksonville
Martin I. Edwards, Jacksonville
Jerry A. Funk, Jacksonville
Lawrence P. Haddock, Jr., Jacksonville
Louis R. Hardin, Jr., Jacksonville
John G. Helwig, Jacksonville
Joseph W. Howard, Jacksonville
Edward L. Kelly, Jacksonville
Belford S. Lester, Amelia Island
Ronald W. Maxwell, Jacksonville
William E. Scheu, Jr., Jacksonville
Carl M. Stewart, Jacksonville
John C. Taylor, Jr., Jacksonville
Robert S. Yerkes, Jacksonville
Theodore F. Zentner, Orange Park 

Fifth Circuit

Cecil V. Butler, Jr., Clermont
Norman C. Cummins, Clermont
Horace E. Dean, Jr., Ocala
John I. Merritt, Eustis
John E. Moxley, Ocala
Jay T. Scheck, Jr., Mount Dora
William J. Tait, Jr., Hernando Beach
Robert H. Turner, Mount Dora
Ronald H. Watson, Eustis
John F. Welch, Ocala 

Sixth Circuit

Larry D. Beltz, St. Petersburg
David Browder, Jr., Clearwater
D’Arcy R. Clarie, South Pasadena
John H.W. Cole, St. Petersburg
William Griffin, St. Petersburg
Karl B. Grube, St. Petersburg
James C. Hadaway, St. Petersburg
Michael A. Houllis, Tarpon Springs
Meni Kanner, Seminole
David J. Kurland, Largo
Richard J. McCrory, Tierra Verde
Charles J. Morachnick, St. Pete Beach
Fred W. Pope, Jr., Clearwater
John E. Slaughter, Jr., Clearwater
Robert W. Sterrett, Jr., St. Petersburg
Mary L. Wagstaff, Largo 

Seventh Circuit

Russell F. Armstrong, Ormond Beach
Berrien H. Becks, Jr., Daytona Beach
Richard C. Booth, Ormond Beach
Robert W. Elton, Ormond Beach
Robert R. Foster, Deland
James B. Gibson, Ormond Beach
Christy F. Harris, Daytona Beach
Michael R. McDermott, Port Orange
Arthur W. Nichols, III, Palatka
Charles A. Schoder, Jr., Daytona Beach
McFerrin Smith, III, Deland
Clyde M. Taylor, Jr., St. Augustine
John W. Watson, III, Port Orange
Stanley L. Williams, Daytona Beach 

Eighth Circuit

Charles M. Gadd, Jr., Gainesville
Harvey L. Goldstein, Gainesville
Stephan P. Mickle, Gainesville
Alan R. Parlapiano, Gainesville
Larry G. Turner, Gainesville

Ninth Circuit

Marvin L. Beaman, Jr., Winter Park
Steven R. Bechtel, Orlando
Philip H. Blackburn, Orlando
John L. Builder, Jr., Winter Park
James A. Fowler, Orlando
William S. Gabrielson, Orlando
Joseph I. Goldstein, Orlando
Dan H. Honeywell, Winter Park
Matthew M. Johnson, Orlando
Donald A. Lykkebak, Winter Park
Carter Moore, Orlando
Sidney H. Parrish, Orlando
Lawrence J. Phalin, Orlando
Alan W. Rich, Orlando
Richard D. Stoner, Orlando
Linda F. Wells, Windermere
Julius L. Williams, Winter Park 

Tenth Circuit

James C. Brock, Lakeland
Thomas Cassidy, Lakeland
James R. Meyer, Lakeland
Susan L. Roberts, Lakeland
John P. Short, Lakeland
Stephen C. Watson, Lakeland 

Eleventh Circuit

Ronald A. Alter, Miami
Stuart H. Altman, Aventura
Harry K. Bender, Miami
Roy Black, Miami
Michael H. Bloom, Miami
James W. Bowling, North Miami
Byron M. Brown, Miami
John M. Brumbaugh, South Miami
Robert A. Cuevas, Jr., Coral Gables
Jacob M. Denaro, Miami
Robert J. Dickman, Coral Gables
Daniel Draper, Jr., Miami
Ronald C. Dresnick, Miami
Richard M. Dunn, Coral Gables
Martin Engels, Miami
Joseph P. Farina, Jr., Miami
Joseph M. Fitzgerald, Jr., Coral Gables
Paul G. Fletcher, Miami
Michael A. Genden, Miami
Philip M. Gerson, Miami
Roy B. Gonas, Coral Gables
Jon I. Gordon, Miami
Alan G. Greer, Miami
Robert M. Haggard, Miami
David R. Howland, Coral Gables
Michael R. Jenks, Miami
Stephen A. Kandell, Coconut Grove
Michael D. Katz, Miami
John R. Kelso, Miami Beach
Robert L. Krawcheck, Coral Gables
Richard I. Kroop, Miami Beach
John A. Lanzetta, Miami
Michael P. Maguire, South Miami
Thomas J.N. Morgan, Coral Gables
Rene V. Murai, Coral Gables
Martin L. Nathan, Miami
David E. Newman, Coral Gables
Robert L. Norton, Coral Gables
Edward J. O’Donnell, Jr., Miami
John B. Ostrow, Miami
Roderick N. Petrey, Coral Gables
Thomas R. Post, Coral Gables
Stanley Riskin, Aventura
Marjorie F. Robbins, Surfside
Jerome M. Rosenblum, Aventura
Charles M. Salas, III, Miami
Alan M. Sandler, Miami Shores
Mark S. Schechner, Coral Gables
Roger J. Schindler, Miami
Mike Segal, Miami
Ronald K. Smith, North Miami Beach
Michael B. Solomon, Bay Harbor Islands
Samuel S. Sorota, North Miami Beach
Frederick B. Spiegel, Miami Beach
Lawrence J. Spiegel, Miami
Luis Stabinski, Miami
David E. Stone, Coral Gables
Harry Tempkins, Miami Beach
Robert L. Trescott, Coral Gables
William R. Tunkey, Miami
Raul J. Valdes-Fauli, Coral Gables
Robert Wayne, Miami
Peter L. Wechsler, Pinecrest
Lawrence Weiner, Miami
Andrew H. Weinstein, Miami
Robert I. Weissler, Miami
Steven J. Wisotsky, Coral Gables
Ira Zager, Miami
Eugene F. Zenobi, Miami 

Twelfth Circuit

George Browning, III, Sarasota
Larry K. Coleman, Bradenton
James R. Dirmann, Sarasota
Eugene O. George, Sarasota
Lee E. Haworth, Sarasota
Kenneth A. Luban, Bradenton
Elliott C. Metcalfe, Jr., Sarasota
David M. Mitchell, Sarasota
Thomas R. Smith, Longboat Key
Barry F. Spivey, Sarasota
Donald A. Stewart, Sarasota 

Thirteenth Circuit

Charles E. Bergmann, Tampa
Robert H. Bonnano, Tampa
Arthur N. Eggers, Tampa
Lee Elam, Brandon
Anthony F. Gonzalez, Tampa
Martin Lawyer, III, Tampa
Richard A. Lazzara, Tampa
Michael A. Linsky, Tampa
Peter N. MacAluso, Tampa
Michael J. Meksraitis, Tampa
Stephen F. Myers, Tampa
Robert H. Nutter, Tampa
Kenneth L. Olsen, Tampa
Clifford R. Opp, Jr., Tampa
Vernon J. Owens, Riverview
Sam D. Pendino, Tampa
Ronald E. Perez, Tampa
Roger D. Schwenke, Tampa
Richard H. Sollner, Tampa
Ansley Watson, Jr., Tampa
Richard C. Woltmann, Tampa 

Fourteenth Circuit

Robert C. Blue, Jr., Panama City
Newman D. Brock, Panama City Beach
John D. O’Brien, Lynn Haven 

Fifteenth Circuit

John L. Avery, Jr., Jupiter
Robert A. Bertisch, West Palm Beach
Donald E. Brodbeck, Riviera Beach
Edna L. Caruso, Palm Beach
Roger B. Colton, North Palm Beach
Jeffrey N. Daversa, Jupiter
Conrad J. Desantis, Palm Beach Gardens
Ronald L. Fick, Palm Beach
Mark S. Fowler, Palm Beach
Albert J. Gamot, Jr., Palm Beach Gardens
James M. Gann, Wellington
Michelle H. Garbis, Lake Worth
Timothy W. Gaskill, North Palm Beach
Michael N. Gomes, Boynton Beach
Alfred F. Henderson, Jr., Palm Beach
Richard D. Holt, West Palm Beach
Thomas E. Kingcade, Palm Beach Shores
Gerald Korman, Boynton Beach
Robert E. Korn, Boca Raton
William J. Manikas, Boynton Beach
Karen L. Martin, West Palm Beach
Alexander L. Martone, Jr., Boca Raton
Lawrence E. Murphy, Palm Beach Gardens
Alexander Myers, West Palm Beach
Bruce W. Parrish, Jr., West Palm Beach
John C. Randolph, West Palm Beach
Kenneth H. Renick, West Palm Beach
Marc S. Rosenfeld, Boca Raton
Gerald M. Sachs, Lake Worth
Robert L. Shapiro, Palm Beach Gardens
Gary V. Smith, Palm Beach Gardens
Carol M. Stanley, Delray Beach
Howard F. Ullman, Boca Raton
Arthur P. Villwock, Atlantis
Mitchell J. Wallick, Palm Beach Gardens
Herbert A. Weaver, Jr., West Palm Beach
John P. Wiederhold, West Palm Beach
Raymond M. Windsor, Boca Raton 

Seventeenth Circuit

Frederick C. Bamman, III, Lighthouse Point
Merrill A. Bookstein, Fort Lauderdale
Alan C. Brandt, Jr., Fort Lauderdale
Jerald C. Cantor, Hollywood
Madison H. Cockman, Jr., Fort Lauderdale
Theodore Z. Deutsch, Coral Springs
Morris Engelberg, Hallandale Beach
Alvin E. Entin, Fort Lauderdale
Charles B. Green, Jr., Fort Lauderdale
Barry L. Haley, Fort Lauderdale
Thomas W. Johnston, Pompano Beach
Sheldon C. Kurland, Davie
Walter McCrory, Fort Lauderdale
Alfred J. Pomeranz, Hallandale Beach
Harold M. Purdy, Fort Lauderdale
Dale R. Sanders, Fort Lauderdale
Laz L. Schneider, Fort Lauderdale
Charles A. Schuette, Fort Lauderdale
Brian J. Sherr, Fort Lauderdale
John B. Smith, Parkland
John E. Stephens, Jr., Fort Lauderdale
Allan Tucker, Hollywood
Bruce E. Wagner, Margate
Frank C. Walker, Fort Lauderdale

Eighteenth Circuit

James F. Breithaupt, Indialantic
Cabell B. Carlan, Jr., Melbourne Beach
William L. Colbert, Lake Mary
Gerald W. Jones, Jr., Longwood
Marshall King, Merritt Island
Gavin D. Lee, Winter Springs
John R. McDonough, Longwood
Lawrence Plank, Winter Park
Gerald S. Rutberg, Altamonte Springs
James A. Sisserson, Melbourne 

Nineteenth Circuit

Marc A. Cianca, Stuart
Michael J. Garavaglia, Vero Beach
Neil W. MacMillan, Jensen Beach
Marian E. Ombres, Jupiter
John G. Rooney, Vero Beach
William J. Stewart, Jr., Vero Beach 

Twentieth Circuit

John T. Blakely, Naples
Philip L. Burnett, Fort Myers
Louise M. Cromwell, Naples
Robert H. Duckwall, Fort Myers
Guy S. Emerich, Punta Gorda
Harold N. Hume, Jr., Fort Myers
Jeffrey Kushner, Fort Myers
Thomas E. Moorey, Fort Myers
Robert J. Norton, Punta Gorda
Hugh P. Nuckolls, Fort Myers
Bruce L. Scheiner, Fort Myers
Wilbur C. Smith, III, Fort Myers
Kirby Sullivan, Moore Haven
Thomas W. Young, III, Port Charlotte 

Out of State

Gemma B. Allen, Chicago, IL
Richard A. Appelbaum, Burke, VA
James L. Berenthal, New York, NY
Michael L. Berger, Athens, GA
Andrew R. Blank, Snellville, GA
Howard W. Brill, Fayetteville, AR
David P. Callahan, Azle, TX
Robert B. Carruthers, Lansing, MI
Robert C. Cogswell, Jr., Buies Creek, NC
Darryl B. Cohen, Atlanta, GA
Davis Cohen, Savannah, GA
Israel A. Cohen, Tel Aviv, Israel
Edward C. Coker, III, Charlotte, NC
Emried D. Cole, Jr., Baltimore, MD
Ronald H. Cole, Rome, GA
Raymond K. Costello, Midlothian, VA
Alexander M. Crenshaw, Washington, D.C.
Terrence L. Croft, Atlanta, GA
Perry M. Culpepper, Jr., Cordele, GA
Dennis A. Damiano, Agoura Hills, CA
Harry P. Davis, Jr., Marietta, GA
Randy N. Davis, Lynchburg, VA
William M. Douberley, Flat Rock, NC
James R. Duggan, III, Cleveland, GA
Pamela T. Dunston, Blowing Rock, NC
James Falcon, Youngwood, PA
Daniel J. Farrell, Oak Lawn, IL
James C. Fleming, Land O’ Lakes, WI
Bruce W. Flower, Acworth, GA
Jackson C. Floyd, Jr., Atlanta, GA
Julia M. Giller, Hiawassee, GA
White R. Glass, Atlanta, GA
Barry J. Gordon, Fairfax, VA
William S. Halberg, Northfield, OH
Robert A. Hannah, Winston Salem, NC
Ronald J. Helow, Sebastopol, CA
Larry J. Hirsch, Westerly, RI
Jeffrey M. Hyman, North Brunswick, NJ
William E. Johnson, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
Robert J. Kheel, New York, NY
Steven C. Koegler, Bluffton, SC
Richard D. Lane, Auburn, AL
Roger J. LeMaster, Alexandria, VA
Robert L. Lesak, Park Ridge, IL
Susan L. Lipton, New York, NY
Richard F. Livingston, Jr., Norcross, GA
Henry E. Mallue, Jr., Williamsburg, VA
Jere D. McWinn, Colorado Springs, CO
Nicholas C. Montenegro, Brick, NJ
Roy J. Morgan, Winston Salem, NC
William C.A. Moulder, Fort Worth, TX
Sally G. Munroe, Colorado Springs, CO
John A. O’Leary, Columbia, SC
Edmund E. Olson, Macon, GA
Michael R. Pent, San Diego, CA
John B. Platt, III, Scottsdale, AZ
David M. Repass, Washington, D.C.
Daniel Retter, New York, NY
Edward J. Richardson, Longmont, CO
Bruce S. Russell, Belvedere Tiburon, CA
Edward S. Sanditen, Aspen, CO
Robert W. Saul, Cathedral City, CA
Larry H. Schatz, New York, NY
Carol W. Scott, Marshall, VA
James H. Seals, Smyrna, GA
Earl W. Shaffer, Jr., Colorado Springs, CO
Norman J. Silber, Gilford, NH
Richard A. Smith, Harpers Ferry, WV
Richard A. Stettine, Islip Terrace, NY
Robert M. Strumor, Santa Fe, NM
David S. Swan, Atlanta, GA
Antonio L. Thomas, Atlanta, GA
David P. Twomey, Chestnut Hill, MA
Gary J. Weber, Westhampton Beach, NY
George T. Williams, St. Simons Island, GA
Robert F. Williams, Haddonfield, NJ
Seymour Zager, White Plains, NY 

Senior Counselors

Charles C. Garretson, Pensacola
Robert C. McClain, Melbourne



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