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September 8, 2023
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The Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education congratulates the 152 lawyers who recently earned Florida Bar board certification, which recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. Board certified lawyers are “Evaluated for Professionalism and Tested for Expertise.”

Florida’s legal ranks currently include over 5,000 board-certified attorneys, offering expertise in 27 areas of law. With just one in 20 Florida Bar members able to call themselves board certified, it clearly is a crucial component in the career of any attorney looking to emerge from the crowd.

As the legal landscape grows increasingly competitive, board certified lawyers are able to use their status to set themselves apart from peers. And a growing number of Bar members are exploring board certification to help stand out in what they see as a crowded landscape.

A lawyer who is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar and who meets the standards prescribed by the state’s Supreme Court may become board certified in one or more certification fields. Minimum requirements include practicing law for at least five years; substantial involvement in the certification field of law; passing an examination; and satisfactory peer review assessment. Each area of certification may contain higher or additional standards. Board certification is valid for five years.

Lawyers who earned board certification in 2023:

Admiralty and Maritime Law

David Robb Maass, Palm Beach
Elbert Lelland Martin, Tampa
Victor Jose Pelaez, Miami

Adoption Law

Katy Reinholz Bost, Gainesville

Appellate Practice

Jessica Christy Conner, Orlando
Jonathan P. Picard, West Palm Beach
Michael A Rosenberg, Plantation
Jeffrey Douglas Slanker, Tallahassee
Edward M. Wenger, Washington, D.C.

Business Litigation

Shyamie Dixit, Tampa
Przemyslaw Lukasz Dominko, Sarasota
Joey M. Lampert, Fort Lauderdale
Aaron Stenzler Weiss, Miami

City, County and Local Government Law

Annika Elaine Ashton, Fort Lauderdale
Seth C. Behn, West Palm Beach
Emily Pepin Bouza, Tallahassee
Claudia Capdesuner, Fort Lauderdale
Ronald Anthony Dente, Fort Myers
John Anthony Greco, Miami
Zachary Wells Lombardo, Naples
Matthew Rodrick McConnell, Naples
Kathryn Marie Mehaffey, Coconut Creek
Sean Spencer Moylan, Bunnell
Kalanit Oded, Kissimmee
Jacina J. Parson, Tampa
Kathryn Barkett Rossmell, West Palm Beach
Christine Valliere, St. Augustine
Jordan R. Wolfgram, New Port Richey

Civil Trial

Mark G. Alexander, Jacksonville
David  Anderson, Lakeland
Todd Lawrence Baker, Boynton Beach
Javier Alejandro Basnuevo Valdivia, Coral Gables
Robert  Bleakley, Tampa
William Kevin Bledsoe, Deland
Joshua Christopher Canton, Tallahassee
Brandon Graham Cathey, St. Petersburg
Leah Fahey Charbonnet, Boca Raton
Richard Scott Dellinger, Orlando
John Phillip Fischer, Hollywood
Miriam  Fresco Agrait, Miami
Alexander R. Hunt, Deerfield Beach
Richard Kearley, Fort Lauderdale
Robindra Nath Khanal, Orlando
Andrew F. Knopf, Winter Park
Joseph Anthony Kopacz, Palm Harbor
Scott Jerry Liotta, Orlando
Evan Douglas Lubell, Fort Myers
Luis  Menendez-Aponte, Miami
Lewis J. Mertz, Miami
Cyrus Siavash Niakan, West Palm Beach
Karissa Louise Owens, Fort Lauderdale
Bernard  Pastor, Miami
Daniel Edward Smith, Orlando
Matthew M. Thomas, Vero Beach
David Candido Thompson, Jacksonville
Robert Timothy Vannatta, West Palm Beach
Randy Marc Weber, Miami
Philip Benjamin Wiseberg, North Palm Beach
Michael Cosmas Woodard, Orlando


Condominium and Planned Development Law

Ryan Scott Copple, Jupiter
Carolina Sznajderman Sheir, Hollywood


Construction Law

Robert H. de Flesco, III, Plantation
Jacob  Epstein, Miami
Matthew Bryan Greetham, St. Petersburg
Sean Gerald Hipworth, Gainesville
Miles David Jolley, Fort Lauderdale
Lauren Danielle Kerr, St. Petersburg
Christopher William Lewis, Gainesville
Anthony Lopez, Miami
Daniel Alberto Marquez, Coral Gables
Alexis Leigh Mays, Pensacola
Erik Christopher Neudorff, Fort Lauderdale
Eugene  Polyak, Fort Lauderdale
David L. Rosinsky, Fort Lauderdale
Randell Hendricks Rowe, St. Petersburg
Taylor H. Scheiner, Miami
Anna  Stein, Tampa
Nicholas B. Vargo, Sarasota
Douglas Edward Walker, Sarasota
David Eric Weber, Tampa


Criminal Trial Law

Logan Patric Doll, Gainesville
James Robert DuBray, Miami
Kevin Alvarez, Tallahassee
Benjamin E. Flieger, Orlando
Fabian Jamal Goffe, Orlando
Ruby Lenora Green, Fort Lauderdale
Alex James Johnson, Kissimmee
Renee Michelle Sihvola, West Palm Beach
Joshua Martin Harry Sinclair, Orlando
Brooke Rebecca Tharpe, Orlando
Daniela Andrea Torrealba, Miami
Robert F. Valdes, Miami
Elizabeth Linda Vallejo, Tallahassee
Patrick David Wilson, Miami
Jessica A. Ziehler, West Palm Beach


Education Law

Shahar Vinayi Pasch, West Palm Beach
Jonathan Campbell Squires, Sanford


Elder Law

Jennifer Singh Akin, St. Augustine
Ruth Celia Rhodes, Melbourne
Beth Kathryn Roland, Orlando


Health Law

Romain Balard, Miami
Kelly Kibbey Smith, Tallahassee
Timothy Stephan Wombles, Altamonte Springs


Immigration and Nationality Law

Alexandra Paola Friz-Garcia, Miami


Intellectual Property Law

Peter Andrew Koziol, Boca Raton
William Rafael Trueba, Miami


International Law

Alvaro Augusto Acevedo, Miami
Fabio  Giallanza, Coral Gables
Anda Oana Malescu, Miami


Juvenile Law

Africa Faith Altidor, Tampa
Alexis Elyse Echevarria, Vero Beach
Tara  Khani, Miami


Labor and Employment Law

Benjamin W. Bard, Tampa
Anne Willis Chapman, Bradenton


Marital and Family Law

Abigail M. Cohen, Boca Raton
Michael Ray Goodson, Fort Walton Beach
Autumn Lee Warner, Jacksonville
John M Henderlite, Jacksonville
Katie Louise Harrison Kohn, Naples
Brittany Marie Pinson, Tampa
Kayla E. Richmond, Fort Myers
Meghana M. Saoji, Fort Lauderdale
Michael Mackay Shemkus, Naples


Real Estate

Joseph Benjamin Battaglia, Lakewood Ranch
Giacomo  Bossa, Coral Gables
Ryan Nicholas Ghantous, Orlando
Shannon Geneva Hankin, Sarasota
Caleb Granger Hinton, Orlando
Carla Antoinette Jones, North Miami
Gregory James Lesak, Jacksonville
Felix Gabriel Montañez, Tampa
Tyler Grant Puttick, Vero Beach
Janet C. Tacoronte, Davie
Lindsey M. Tenberg, Lighthouse Point
Sandra R. B. Wallace, West Palm Beach
Charles Coleridge Whittington, Naples


State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice

Jennifer Dawn Brown, Fort Lauderdale
Francis Albert Carbone, Tallahassee
Sean William Gellis, Tallahassee
William Dean Hall, Tallahassee
Alyssa S. Lathrop, Tallahassee
Eduardo S. Lombard, Tallahassee
Marianna R. Sarkisyan, West Palm Beach
Lyyli Meagan Van Whittle, Tallahassee


Wills, Trusts and Estates

Hayley Elizabeth Ray Donaldson, Fort Myers
Monique Lavender Greenberg, Coral Gables
Michelle Adams Gumula, Oviedo
Alexander Germaine Platt, Fort Lauderdale
Brett H. Sifrit, Punta Gorda

Workers Compensation

Holley Nicole Akers, Jacksonville
Kenneth E Ehrlich, Stuart
Ted Roemer, North Miami Beach


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