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May 8, 2020
CONTACT: Ken Joyce, Chair, [email protected]
17th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission
TELEPHONE: 954-495-2219

Based on developments with COVID-19 issues, restrictions imposed by governmental entities, applicable legal authority and with concern for the safety of the applicants, the commissioners and the public, applicants will be interviewed for nomination to fill the County Court vacancy created by the elevation of Judge Michael Davis on Tuesday, May 19, remotely using Zoom. Cooperation and patience in using this technology is greatly appreciated.

Applicants will receive a separate e-mail with Zoom connection information shortly. Interviews will be 10 minutes in duration. Applicants are also encouraged to download and test the Zoom app before their scheduled interviews, which will be conducted on the following timetable:

APPLICANT                        TIME

JNC Members Check In
Closed Session                          8:15-8:30 a.m.

Tabitha Blackmon                    8:30
Gerard Williams                        8:42
Yves Laventure                          8:54
Randall Katz                               9:06
Michele McCaul Ricca              9:18

BREAK                                         9:20-9:40 a.m.

Nevin Ramnath                           9:40
Tamara Rimes-Merrigan           9:52
Claudette Vanni                          10:04
Elana Horowitz Fornaro            10:16
Lauren Alperstein                       10:28
Jessica Marra                               10:40

BREAK                                           10:50-11 a.m.

Matthew Tannenbaum             11
George Reres                               11:12
Lisa Glick                                       11:24
Ryanne Seyba                              11:36
Carter Hillstrom                           11:48
BREAK                                        12 -12:10 p.m.

Timothy Donnelly                       12:10
John Phillips                                12:22

JNC Deliberations
Closed Session                            12:35 p.m.

All members of the public and press who wish to participate in these interviews will be allowed to attend via Zoom. If applicants expect any issues attending via ZOOM, they should contact Ken Joyce directly. JNC proceedings are open to the public, except for deliberations. Applications are not confidential. If an applicant is nominated, all materials attached to the original application will be submitted to the governor.

Join the Zoom Interviews from your computer or via telephone from the following link or phone number:

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android

Join by Phone: 646 568-7788

Meeting ID: 4084486504

These connections will be muted and not visible to applicants or commissioners. Please review the above information carefully. The commission appreciates your consideration of these measures as we do our best to balance all interests at this time.

Members of the Bench, the Bar and the public are urged to contact the members of the commission concerning the applicants for this vacancy

The 17th Circuit JNC commissioners are Kenneth J. Joyce, Chair; William G. McCormick, Vice-Chair; Valerie B. Barnhart, Vivian H. Fazio, Christina A. McKinnon, Christina M. Sanabria, Alice Sum, Joseph Van de Bogart and Levi G. Williams, Jr.

The 17th Circuit JNC wishes to thank U.S. Legal for its public service in providing technical assistance in connection with the remote interview process.

If you have any questions, please email Kenneth J. Joyce, chair,  at [email protected].

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