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October 9, 2018
CONTACT: Jason L. Unger, Chair, [email protected] com
Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission
TELEPHONE: 850-577-9090

The Florida Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission will meet telephonically at 5:30 p.m. ET on October 11, 2018, to consider and select applicants for interviews and further consideration to fill three positions of Florida Supreme Court Justice, upon the mandatory retirement of Justices Barbara Pariente, R. Fred Lewis, and Peggy Quince.


The call-in information for the meeting is:

Dial-In: 866-388-7725
PIN:  290730

A list of applicants is included below.


The members currently serving on the Florida Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission are:

Chair Jason Unger, Tallahassee, [email protected]

Vice Chair Nilda R. Pedrosa, Coral Gables, [email protected]

Cynthia G. Angelos, Port St. Lucie, [email protected]

Fred Karlinsky, Weston, [email protected]

Heather Steams, Tallahassee, [email protected]

Jesse M. Panuccio, Palm Beach Gardens, [email protected]

Israel U. Reyes, Coral Gables, [email protected]

Hala A. Sandridge, Tampa, [email protected]

Jeanne T. Tate, Tampa, [email protected]



  1. Andrews, Michael F.
  2. Atkinson, Andrew
  3. Bilbrey, Ross
  4. Bokor, Alexander Spicola
  5. Boulris, Amy Brigham
  6. Burns, Jeffrey Leonard
  7. Carroll, Hunter
  8. Coates, Howard , Jr.
  9. Couriel, John Daniel
  10. Cowden, Angela Jane
  11. Cox, Cynthia
  12. Daniel, James
  13. Duncan, James Scott
  14. Farach, Manuel
  15. Gerber, Jonathan
  16. Gowdy, Bryan Scott
  17. 1 Grosshans, Jamie Rutland
  18. Guedes, Edward
  19. Harper, Bradley
  20. Ketchel, Terrance
  21. Klingensmith, Mark
  22. Kuntz, Jeffrey
  23. Kyle, Bruce
  24. Lagoa, Barbara
  25. Lee, Laurel
  26. Lindsey, Norma
  27. Long, Robert , Jr.
  28. Luck, Robert
  29. Mahon, Mark
  30. Makar, Scott
  31. McDaniel, Michael Patrick
  32. Miller, Mark
  33. Muniz, Carlos Genaro
  34. O’Byrne, Haden Patrick
  35. Osterhaus, Timothy
  36. Ramsberger, Thomas
  37. Roberson, Eric
  38. Robe1is, Clayton
  39. Roby, William
  40. Rowe, Cymonie
  41. Salario, Samuel , Jr.
  42. Salvador, Tatiana Radi
  43. Samuels, Leonard
  44. Scales, Edwin , III
  45. Senn, Stephen
  46. Singhal, Anuraag
  47. Siracusa, Pat,
  48. Sjostrom, Jonathan
  49. Smiley, Elijah
  50. Solomon, Donna Greenspan
  51. Soud, Adrian
  52. Stargel, John
  53. Tatti, Anthony Michael
  54. Thatcher, Matthew
  55. Thomas, Kemmerly
  56. Thomas, William
  57. Trawick, Daryl
  58. Wallace, Waddell , III
  59. Winokur, Thomas


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