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April 5, 2024
CONTACT: Richard J. Montecalvo, Chair; [email protected]
Twentieth Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission
TELEPHONE: 239-533-1102

Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced one judicial vacancy on the Collier County Court bench due to the elevation of Judge Chris Brown to the circuit court bench. Accordingly, the Twentieth Judicial Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission is now accepting applications for this vacancy.

Applicants must be able to fulfill the Constitutional qualifications before assuming the office of Collier County Court Judge, which requires a person to be a member in good standing of The Florida Bar for the preceding five years, a registered voter in the State of Florida, and a resident of the territorial jurisdiction of the court at the time she or he assumes office.

The current application may be downloaded from the Governor’s judicial webpage.

Any person wishing to be considered for appointment must submit the following:

  • One digital (electronic) signed copy of the original application (in .pdf format) with attachments, including the executed FDLE form;
  • One digital (electronic) signed copy of the application (in .pdf format) with personal information, not subject to public disclosure, redacted as permitted by F.S. 119.071.

The submitted application must include the required financial disclosures, a writing sample, and a color photograph in .jpg or .gif format. The .pdf applications should be titled in the name of the applicant (Doe.Jane.pdf) and labeled “original” or “redacted” as applicable. Applicants are also required to submit the FDLE form.

All questions in the application must be fully and completely answered. Applications must also include current contact information, including e-mail addresses, for all judges, co- counsel, opposing counsel, and references, to facilitate the background investigation that members of the Commission will conduct.

Applications must be emailed to Chair Richard J. Montecalvo no later than 2:00 p.m. on Friday April 19, 2024. Please “cc” Cathy Lester at [email protected].

Incomplete applications, submission of obsolete forms of the application, and applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

An interview date has been reserved for Friday, May 17, 2024. The list of candidates who will be interviewed, the schedule of interviews, and the location, will be announced Friday, May 3, 2024.

All proceedings of the Judicial Nominating Commission are open to the public except for deliberations. Accordingly, applicants should not expect their applications to remain confidential. If an applicant is nominated, all materials attached to the original application shall be submitted to the Governor’s Office.

Members of the judiciary, bar, and the public are encouraged to contact members of the Commission concerning applicants for judicial positions.

Any person who wishes to submit a letter regarding any applicant must email that letter in .pdf format to the chair, who will disseminate all letters to members of the Commission. All correspondence constitutes a public record pursuant to Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.

Members of the 20th Judicial Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission are:

Mike Carr, Esq.
Katherine Cook, Esq.
Paul A. Giordano, Esq.
Sharon M. Hanlon, Esq.
Steven E. Martin, Esq. (Vice-Chair)
Richard J. Montecalvo, Esq. (Chair)
Aaron J. O’Brien, Esq.
Michael D. Randolph, Esq.
Andrea P. Smith, Esq.

A complete listing for each member is available on the Governor’s judicial webpage.


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