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Beware of holiday cyber scams

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This may not be at the top of your holiday preparation list, but the Practice Resource Institute (PRI) is reminding all Florida Bar members to make sure you are protected from holiday phishing scams or malware campaigns.

A 2017 Cyber Monday Phishing Survey by DomainTools found that 38 percent of respondents had fallen victim to an online phishing attack. This is despite more than 90 percent of respondents stating that they are familiar with phishing.

“This goes to show you how clever these criminals have gotten with their schemes,” said Bar President Michael Higer. “During the holiday season, lawyers – just like everyone else –need to pay extra attention and be mindful of online scams.”

The U. S. Department of Homeland Security is reminding Americans to be vigilant when browsing or shopping online. Emails and e-cards from unknown senders may contain malicious links. Fake advertisements or shipping notifications may deliver attachments infected with malware. Spoofed email messages and phony posts on social networking sites may request support for fraudulent causes.

This Florida Bar News article details how you can protect yourself and your systems, provides steps to take if you believe you are a victim of a holiday phishing scam or malware campaign, and a link to cybersecurity information and resources available from The Florida Bar Practice Resource Institute.