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May is Health and Wellness Month for Florida Lawyers

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The Florida Bar is proud to be partnering with our Young Lawyer’s Division to recognize May as the fourth annual “Health & Wellness Month.” This initiative is designed to bring awareness to mental and physical issues that affect the quality of life of lawyers in Florida. The Florida Bar worked with local bar associations on town halls, which featured conversations about the importance of mental and physical health as well as asking for help when it’s needed. We look forward to continuing and growing the dialogue this month.

We encourage you to participate in our daily challenges, and ask that you use the hashtags #WellLawyer and #flayld when you share your stories on social media. We want this conversation to trend online so that we can shed light on this important issue, and improve the lives of lawyers throughout our state.

Visit the Young Lawyer’s Division Health and Wellness page for the latest activities, tips and events, as well as profiles of leading attorneys on how they work to reduce stress and increase wellness.

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You can also visit The Florida Bar’s Health and Wellness Center to learn more about mental health in our profession and helpful resources.



Tuesday, May 1:
Daily Challenge: Skip the elevators and take the stairs today.

Wednesday, May 2:
Daily Challenge: Stay hydrated – Replace soda with at least 8 glasses of water today.
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Thursday, May 3: Daily Challenge: Do 30 seconds of jumping jacks.

Friday, May 4: Daily Challenge: Get moving with 10,000 steps today.

Saturday, May 5: Daily Challenge: Do 30 minutes of cardio today.

Sunday, May 6: Daily Challenge: Have at least two servings of veggies today.