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New Mindfulness Series Column: The Mindful Lawyer

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One of the main priorities of Florida Bar President Michael Higer for his term is increasing awareness of mental health issues and improving the mental well-being of lawyers. As a part of that initiative, The Florida Bar News introduced a new series on mindfulness aimed at educating lawyers on the issue and on how to practice mindfulness themselves. The first of the series is titled The Mindful Lawyer by Scott Rogers, M.S., J.D., a nationally recognized leader in the area of mindfulness in law. He also founded and directs the University of Miami School of Law’s Mindfulness in Law Program.

In his column, he states:

…because so many of us are not as experienced in the practice of mindfulness as we are in the practice of law, it can be helpful to learn mindfulness practice insights and tips from lawyers and judges who have been practicing mindfulness for a long time — who have journeyed from healthy skepticism, to information gathering, to trying it out, and to the realization of the fruits of practice.

In the series, readers will be able to learn from lawyers and judges who have taken seriously the study and practice of mindfulness. Questions posed by readers, like you, will be answered by lawyers and judges who can relate to the specific area of inquiry — either in terms of the substantive work they do, or from their life experience, as it connects to the heart of your inquiry.

For more information, read The Florida Bar News column here or take a look at our FloridaBarNews.TV edition on mindfulness here.