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THE APRIL BAR NEWS: Economics and Law Office Survey Results, Early Childhood Courts Bill, and an Effort to Boost the Pay of Workers’ Comp. Judges.

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The April Bar News is now available with stories including:

Results of the Latest Bar Economics and Law Office Management Survey
A full 85 percent of Florida lawyers answering the survey report satisfaction with their job security, and 93 percent of respondents say they are satisfied with their relationships with co-workers.

A Bill that Would Standardize Early Childhood Courts
Florida’s early childhood courts are doing such a good job protecting infants and toddlers from disintegrating families that lawmakers are being asked to take the program to the next level.

Legislation that Would Boost the Pay of Workers’ Comp. Judges
Workers’ compensation judges would get a $27,000 pay boost — their first raise in more than 10 years — under a bill that passed the Senate Judiciary Committee March 4.