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Top stories include the YLD launching a virtual mentor resource, the full CRC considers a proposal to increase the retirement age of judges and the results of the 2017 Membership Opinion Survey.

YLD launches its Legal Accelerator
Legal Accelerator provides resources including nearly 1000 mentoring videos on more than 500 topics for Young Lawyers. The Accelerator functions similarly to the Google search engine. A question is typed into a search field, and any number of mentoring videos that answer the question appear on screen.

Judicial retirement age heads to the full CRC
A proposed constitutional amendment to raise the mandatory judicial retirement age from 70 to 75 is headed to the full Constitution Revision Commission. Proposal 41 was submitted by Bill Schifino who noted the current judicial retirement age of 70 was set when the average lifespan was 69 years. Now it’s 80, he said, and people are generally healthier at an older age.

Florida lawyers sound off
A vast majority of Florida lawyers are pleased with The Florida Bar’s stewardship of the legal profession, according to the 2017 Membership Opinion Survey. The survey is conducted every two years and includes questions on lawyer advertising, technology, pro bono, and career satisfaction. The survey also provides some information on how lawyers are doing financially.

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