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The Feb. 15 Bar News: Top stories include Board decision on litigation insurance costs, Mental Health and Wellness Town Halls across the state, pro bono lawyers honored at the Supreme Court.

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Litigation insurance costs may be passed to clients.
After an intense debate, the Board of Governors has decided it’s permissible for attorneys to ask their clients to pay for “litigation cost protection”, a new type of insurance that fundamentally alters the risk equation in contingency fee cases. Promoters say it gives sole practitioners and smaller firms the ability to go after deep-pocket defendants.

Panel works to end the stigma of seeking help
A 24/7 hotline for Bar members and a way to remove any stigma from lawyers, judges, and law students seeking mental health services were among the many topics discussed by the Bar’s Special Committee on Mental Health and Wellness of Florida Lawyers.

Todd wins Tobias Simon Pro Bono Service Award
After Stephen M. Todd worked a pro bono child dependency case in the Tampa Bay area several years ago, he couldn’t refuse taking on additional cases, despite the tragedies he saw. Todd asks attorneys to take just one pro bono case this year.