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The March/April issue of the Journal is now online.

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This month features a collection of articles on diversity and inclusion, including:

Beyond the Barriers of Bias
Implicit Bias and Its Application in the Life of a Lawyer
What Does Gender Bias Look Like in Real Life?
Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: What Is the Bar Doing Now?
Mentoring Matters
President’s Page – When Will We Stop Counting?

Also an interesting column about tax on online sales:
South Dakota v. Wayfair : The Case That Changes Everything
Have you ever bought something on the internet? Did the seller charge you tax? Now, every state in the union can potentially force online retailers to collect and remit sales tax on their sales in those states. This new dynamic will color the entire field of sales and use taxation for decades to come….

Visit the March/April issue of the Journal for all the articles.