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The Oct. 15 Bar News: A law magnet school, new “Eldercaring” programs, and comments requested on proposed parental leave rule.

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The October 15 Bar News is now available with stories including:

A law magnet school in Sarasota is stimulating young minds.

The Booker Law Academy at Booker High School in Sarasota has been teaching constitutional law, business law, court procedures, critical thinking, research, and law enforcement operations to select high school students since 2013.

An “Eldercaring” program that benefits the courts and the state’s aging citizens.

Fifth Circuit Judge Michelle Morley, a pioneer in a groundbreaking experiment called “eldercaring coordination,” says it’s doing more than protecting human dignity and boosting court efficiency.

The court seeking comments on a proposed parental leave rule.

Florida Bar members are being asked their opinions about whether a Rule of Judicial Administration is needed to guide judges when lawyers request a continuance because of the impending birth or adoption of a child.

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