The Florida Bar

June 21–24, 2023 | The Boca Raton

Scam Alert: Bogus Hotel Reservations

It has been brought to our attention that housing companies claiming to have a relationship with The Florida Bar are offering hotel reservation services for the 2023 Annual Florida Bar Convention. These companies include:

  • Americanbizhub
  • A Room with a View – Reservations Agency
  • B2Bshows-List
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Event Data Option
  • Event Contact List
  • Event Delegatez
  • Event Source Marketing
  • Exhibition Housing Management/Exhibition Housing Services
  • Expo Housing Services, LLC
  • Global Expo Travel
  • Global Prospects
  • Global Travel Partners (USA)
  • Great News For All
  • Playayucatan
  • Protective Leads
  • National Travel Associates
  • Reach Executives.Us
  • Smarsleads
  • World First Leads

These companies and others like it are not in any way affiliated with The Boca Raton and should not be used to make reservations.

There is only one, official, exclusive group room block for the 2023 Annual Florida Bar Convention.

Third-party companies, such as the ones listed above sometimes promise rooms in hotels where they do not actually have rooms. There is the potential to be left without a room and to lose money paid in advance.

The Boca Raton does not/will not make phone calls to meeting attendees, encouraging you to book with them, or will check to see how many people have registered. If you have received any communication either via email or telephone, please delete it immediately and ignore any further requests. Please let The Florida Bar Headquarters know if you have any other questions or concerns.