The Florida Bar
2023 Florida Bar Annual Convention, June 21-24, The Boca Raton

Ready, Set... Connect with the Mobile App!

Mobile App

To use advanced features of the mobile app, such as creating your own schedule and downloading materials, you must sign up inside the app. Look for the link inside the app (you can’t miss it), then enter your basic information. You’ll then receive a text and/or email (be sure to check your SPAM folder just in case) with a verification code. Enter the code and unlock all the features.

Screen capture of an iPhone with the Annual Florida Bar Convention logo and the words Ready Set Connect

Web Version

Don’t want to download an app? Sign up to use the Web version. Enter your basic information, then check your email (be sure to check your SPAM folder!) for confirmation. Follow the link in the email to the login page; enter your name and email address. Within seconds you’ll receive a text with your verification code. Enter the code and you’re in!

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