The Florida Bar
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2024 Annual Florida Bar Convention

June 19-22 | Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek & Waldorf Astoria

Media Coverage Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in reporting on the 2024 Annual Florida Bar Convention. Please note there is limited seating for in person attendance. Please read the guidelines below carefully.

  • Media Contact: Jennifer Krell Davis
  • Cell: 850-509-9124

Meeting/Event Attendance and Identification

For the events to be held in person at Signia by Hilton Bonnet Creek, you must request, in writing, to attend at least 72 hours in advance of the start time and will be advised as soon as possible if seating will be available or if you will need to cover the event via a live broadcast. If we can allow you to attend in person, specific instructions and requirements will be emailed to you.

Requests to cover any livestreamed meeting or event sponsored by The Florida Bar (see below regarding events sponsored by other organizations held in conjunction with the Annual Convention) must be received at least 24 hours prior to the start time. Requests must include the telephone number you’ll be calling from or your screen name for the facilitator to admit you from the waiting room. The Bar will provide you with the call-in or videoconference access information and will advise the chair or staff coordinator of your planned attendance.

Your screen name must be your name and outlet. Mute your audio and do not ask questions during any meetings; the Bar’s communications director will be glad to coordinate a follow-up interview with the presenter or chair, or otherwise facilitate getting answers to your questions.

Audio and Video Taping/Photographs

If you wish to record any portion of a meeting or event or take photos or screenshots of videoconferences, please notify Jennifer Krell Davis at least 24 hours in advance so event or meeting chairs may consider those requests. She will advise you of their decisions as soon as possible.

Interviews with Bar Officers

You must request any individual interviews with Florida Bar officers (president, president-elect and president-elect designate) in advance by contacting Davis. The officers may be interviewed by phone or Zoom, ideally early in the week or the week after Convention.

Covering Other Organizations’ Events, Meetings

If you want to cover meetings or events sponsored by other organizations during this convention, you must secure permission from an official with those organizations to attend their functions. Davis can provide those contacts on request.



Wear your media outlet-issued photo identification badge. You do not need to check in at the registration desk.

Media Work Room

If you will need an on-site work area with wi-fi, please contact Jennifer Krell Davis as soon as possible.

Photographs/Audio and Videotaping

Requests to photograph, record audio, or videotape any events or meetings must be received at least 24 hours in advance. If approved, you must photograph or record as unobtrusively as possible and in coordination with any Florida Bar photographers and videographers in the meetings. You must set all cameras and equipment to silent mode and avoid blocking the view of the audience members. If you would like to patch into the house sound system, arrive early and work with the event staff coordinator and hotel AV representative. Your media outlet must pay any expense incurred in working with the hotel for audiovisual needs.