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A new Florida Bar News Briefs is ready for downloadJustice Ricky Polston is stepping down from the Supreme CourtWhat lawyers need to know about bank failures and trust accountsThe work of the Florida Board of Bar examiners staff is ‘essential’ to the rule of lawHouse committee lauds measure that gives clerks a more stable funding source



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Deadline extended for public members to apply to sit on the Board of Bar Examiners

The Florida Bar proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024

Proposed amendments to Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure 9.020 (Definitions), 9.147 (Appeal Proceedings to Review Final Orders Dismissing Petitions for Judicial Waiver of Parental Notice and Consent or Consent Only to Termination of Pregnancy General Provisions), 9.180 (Appeal Proceedings to Review Workers’ Compensation Cases), 9.200 (The Record), 9.320 (Oral Argument), 9.340 (Mandate), 9.420 (Filing; Service of Copies; Computation of Time), 9.800 (Uniform Citation System), and 9.900 (Forms)

Proposed amendments to Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.992 (Criminal Punishment Code Scoresheet)

Proposal for a new Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.148 (Appeal Proceedings to Review Orders under Florida Mental Health/Baker Act) and proposed amendments to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.210 (Briefs)

Amendments to the Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms, including form 12.975(b) (Petition for Grandparent Visitation with Minor Child(ren) when One Parent Has Been Found Criminally or Civilly Liable for the Death of the Other Parent)

Proposed amendments to Florida Rules of Civil Procedure 1.110 (General Rules of Pleading), 1.820 (Hearing Procedures for Non-binding Arbitration), and Form 1.923(a) (Eviction Summons/Residential)

Proposed amendments to forms 1.996(a) (Final Judgment of Foreclosure) and 1.996(b) (Final Judgment of Foreclosure for Reestablishment of Lost Note)

Notice of Filing Proposed UPL Advisory Opinion

Orange County Value Adjustment Board seeks qualified special magistrates

Proposed Amendments To Standard Jury Instructions In Civil Cases on Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Negligent Misrepresentation, and False Information Negligently Supplied for the Guidance of Others

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