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Town Hall: COVID-19 Court Operations & Recovery

President Dori Foster-Morales hosted a statewide town hall meeting, “Florida Bar Town Hall: COVID-19 Court Operations and Recovery,” on March 30, 2021 to provide Florida lawyers with court operations updates and plans and a status report on the legal profession.

The program, CLE Course #4651, featured opening remarks by Chief Justice Charles Canady, followed by an update on the efforts of the Workgroup on the Continuity of Court Operations and Proceedings During and After COVID-19 by its chair, Judge Lisa Munyon of Orlando. Judge Margaret Steinbeck, chair of the Trial Court Budget Commission, discussed the branch’s legislative budget request for 2021-22, particularly portions that address the trial courts’ pandemic recovery plan and COVID-19 response needs. Florida Bar President-elect Mike Tanner also talked about the work of the Bar’s Pandemic Recovery Task Force.

Poll Results

In your law practice, what has been your greatest challenge during the pandemic from the perspective of practicing law?
Introducing and handling evidence 30%
Being able to collaborate with clients and experts during proceedings 27%
Effectively direct and cross exam witnesses 8%
Inability to have informal discussions to work on resolutions 35%
Which change to the practice of law would you like to see continue after the pandemic?
Virtual evidentiary hearings 17%
Virtual depositions 16%
Virtual mediations 14%
Virtual client consultations 9%
Increased work from home 39%
Reduced formal office space 5%
When it is safe, how should The Florida Bar handle meetings and/or seminars?
Hold events only virtually 7%
Hold events only in person 2%
Hybrid events – Offer option to attend virtually any in-person events 91%


Florida Supreme Court Justice Charles T. Canady
Chief Justice Charles Canady
Judge Lisa Munyon
Judge Lisa Munyon
Judge Margaret Steinbeck
Judge Margaret Steinbeck
President Dori Foster-Morales
Mike Tanner
President-elect Mike Tanner

Florida Bar News Coverage

Florida Bar President Dori Foster-Morales joined judges and Bar leaders around the state to discuss how Florida attorneys are coping during the pandemic and what the Bar can do to assist members in their legal practice and beyond. Find your circuit and watch below!

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