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December 19, 2017
Francine Walker,
The Florida Bar
(850) 561-5666

Thirteen incumbent members on The Florida Bar’s Board of Governors were re-elected to additional two-year terms without opposition, two unopposed candidates will serve as new BOG members, and nine seats – in the First, Third, Fourth, Eleventh (two seats), Thirteenth, Fifteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth circuits – have contested elections.

The new terms for BOG members will begin on June 15, 2018.

Ballots for the contested races will be emailed or mailed to eligible voters by March 1, 2018.

In addition, Vero Beach attorney John M. Stewart has been chosen as president-elect designate of The Florida Bar. No other candidates filed for the position by the Dec. 15 deadline.

Incumbents re-elected without opposition for additional two-year terms 2018-20 are:

Second Circuit, Seat 2: Melissa VanSickle, Tallahassee
Sixth Circuit, Seat 1: Joshua T. Chilson, Clearwater
Seventh Circuit, Seat 1: Sam N. Masters, Daytona Beach
Ninth Circuit. Seat 3: Wayne L. Helsby, Winter Park
Tenth Circuit, Seat 1: C. Richard Nail, Lakeland
Eleventh Circuit, Seat 1: Roland Sanchez-Medina, Miami
Eleventh Circuit, Seat 7: John H. “Jack” Hickey, Miami
Thirteenth Circuit, Seat 1: Thomas R. Bopp, Tampa
Fifteenth Circuit, Seat 3: Robin Bresky, Boca Raton
Seventeenth Circuit, Seat 1: Jay Kim, Fort Lauderdale
Twentieth Circuit, Seat 1: Laird A. Lile, Naples
Out-of-State, Seat 2: Ian Comisky, Philadelphia
Out-of-State, Seat 4: Brian D. Burgoon, Atlanta

The new members of The Florida Bar Board of Governors elected for a two-year term beginning in June 2018 are:

Ninth Circuit, Seat 1: Thomas P. Wert, Orlando
Fourteenth Circuit, Seat 1: Michael P. Dickey, Panama City

There will be nine contested elections:

First Circuit, Seat 1: Charles F. Beall, Jr., Pensacola; Jeremy C. Branning, Pensacola; Joseph Passeretti, Pensacola
Third Circuit, Seat 1: Andrew J. Decker IV, Lake City; Bruce W. Robinson, Lake City
Fourth Circuit, Seat 1: Wiley Braxton Gillam IV, Jacksonville; Michael Fox Orr, Jacksonville
Eleventh Circuit, Seat 3: Maria T. Armas, Miami; Jordan Dresnick, Miami; Alexandra Bach Lagos, Miami; Patrick Montoya, Coral Gables
Eleventh Circuit, Seat 5: Judson Lee Cohen, Miami Lakes; Jeffrey Rynor, Miami Beach
Thirteenth Circuit, Seat 4: Jeffrey Carter Andersen, Tampa; Paige A. Greenlee, Tampa
Fifteenth Circuit, Seat 1: Rosalyn Sia Baker-Barnes, West Palm Beach; Michael J. Gelfand, West Palm Beach
Seventeenth Circuit, Seat 4: Hilary Creary, Plantation; Jon Polenberg, Fort Lauderdale

Eighteenth Circuit, Seat 1: Damon Chase, Lake Mary; Peter J. Sweeney, Palm Bay; James G. Vickaryous, Lake Mary

The Board of Governors is the Bar’s governing body, with exclusive authority to formulate and adopt matters of policy concerning the activities of the Bar, subject to limitations imposed by The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

The 52-member board is composed of:
  • The Bar president and president-elect
  • The president and president-elect of the Young Lawyers Division
  • Representatives elected by members of the Bar from each of the state's 20 judicial circuits
  • Four out-of-state representatives elected by Florida Bar members who reside outside of Florida
  • Two public members appointed by the Florida Supreme Court.

The Florida Bar – – currently has more than 106,000 members.


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EDITORS: Please note The Florida Bar is not an association and "Association" is not part of our name. Proper reference is "The Florida Bar." Local bar organizations are properly termed "associations."