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2018 Florida Bar Criminal Justice Summit

October 16-17, 2018
Tampa, Florida


To recognize and  then address issues affecting the Florida criminal justice system, provide a forum for discussion, and work with stakeholders to develop programs and solutions for fair and effective administration of justice. 

The summit will bring together a diverse group of leaders to provide in-depth education and awareness of key criminal justice related issues, share and discover ideas and potential best practices, and provide state leaders with different perspectives on potential solutions to the challenges they face.

The summit will feature scholars, policy makers, judges and practitioners from across the state and will include representation of all three branches of government. 


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Featured Speakers

  • Dr. Gipsy Escobar, Director of Research & Analytics, Measures for Justice
  • Len Engel, Director of Policy and Campaigns, Crime and Justice Institute
  • Nina Morrison, Senior Staff Attorney, Innocence Project

FINAL REPORT2018 Criminal Justice Summit Report

The Florida Bar Criminal Justice Summit: A First Step in Improving Florida’s Criminal Justice System 

Professor Ellen S. Podgor
Gary R. Trombley Family White Collar Crime Research Professor
Stetson University College of Law

Continuing Legal Education

Opening Remarks with Dr. Gipsey Escobar

Course Number: 3129

Len Engel Crime & Justice Institute

Course Number: 3153

Sentencing Reform

Course Number: 3130

PreTrial Release

Course Number: 3131

How Exonerations Make the American Criminal Justice System Stronger

Course Number: 3132

Direct File of Juveniles

Course Number: 3133

Specialty Courts

Course Number: 3134

Juvenile Sentencing

Course Number: 3135

Mental Health

Course Number: 3136

Implicit Bias

Course Number: 3137

Conviction Integrity

Course Number: 3138

Offender Reentry

Course Number: 3139

Future Action

Course Number: 3140

Hear From Attendees

We asked attendees to talk about the importance of the summit and the issues faced by the criminal justice community. This is what they said: