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Social Media Policy for The Florida Bar and Florida Bar Entities


The Board of Governors has approved the use of social media for The Florida Bar and Florida Bar Sections/Divisions (also referred to in this policy as “Florida Bar entities”) subject to compliance with this policy.

Notification Requirement

When a Florida Bar program (e.g., Leadership Academy, Practice Resource Institute) or Section/Division determines it has a business need for use of social media, or for use of additional social media platforms, notification will be submitted to the communications director of The Florida Bar or his/her designee who will:

  • Provide the current Florida Bar social media policy, guidelines for setting up new social media accounts, guidelines for handling negative comments, guidelines for users/participants and other guidelines and information as needed;
  • Maintain a current list of all employee administrators, Bar member administrators, user IDs and passwords; and
  • Provide ongoing counsel for use of social media and generally oversee Bar entities’ use of social media.

Social Media Use by Committees

Committees may only use social media after a proposal is submitted to and approved by The Florida Bar’s Communications Director. The Communications Director may consult with the BOG Communications Committee and its technology consultant before approval. If approved, the notification requirements listed above must be followed.

Acceptable Use

All use of social networking sites by Florida Bar entities should be consistent with applicable state, federal, and local laws and regulations, and policies, including public records obligations.

Political/Legislative Content

The activities of The Florida Bar are defined by the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, and those rules apply to social networking activity, as well as a variety of other activities.

As a unified bar with mandatory membership, The Florida Bar cannot take positions on political or social issues that do not relate to or affect the practice of law or the administration of justice. Social media platforms should not be used to endorse any candidates or for other political activity.

Enforcing these Policies

The Florida Bar actively monitors these sites for inappropriate postings. If an inappropriate posting is brought to the attention of The Florida Bar, The Florida Bar will take appropriate action to enforce this policy.

News Media

If journalists contact you through social media, refer them to the Communications Department of The Florida Bar: 850-561-5666 or via email.


The Florida Bar Board of Governors


Jennifer Krell Davis, J.D., Communications Director