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Strategic “Reset” for The Florida Bar Foundation

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A year after unanimously resolving to adopt a “strategic reset,” The Florida Bar Foundation’s board of directors June 22 approved a document detailing the approach the organization will take in its future grant making, as well as the rationale for moving the organization in a new direction.

The action comes in the wake of eight years of drastically reduced revenue from Florida’s Interest on Trust Accounts (IOTA) program, which almost a decade ago generated nearly $44 million a year, but has yielded less than $6 million annually for the last several years. It also resulted from the board’s collective recognition of a changing legal landscape and of the need to embrace and develop technology and help craft a newer and better legal delivery system for all Floridians.

“Given the fact that there will never be enough lawyers nor sufficient funds, the Foundation must be a leader in developing an improved, more accessible and more efficient delivery model,” the document states, pointing out that even when the Foundation’s funding was at its highest level, “only a fraction of the legal needs of the poor” were being met.

The document approved by the Foundation board sets forth three primary strategies: 1) maximize the impact and effectiveness of civil legal assistance to low- and moderate-income individuals and communities in Florida; 2) expand the role of The Florida Bar Foundation as an expert and facilitator of effective civil legal assistance; and 3) serve as a catalyst for broad-based systemic change and innovative solutions to reduce and eliminate the civil justice gap in Florida.

Read the full strategic reset document approved by The Florida Bar Foundation board here: