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President’s Page
Have a Heart
by Michael J. Higer

Appellate Practice
Too Little, Too Late? Trial Court Motions for Rehearing and Their Appellate Implications
by Jared M. Krukar and Dineen Pashoukos Wasylik

Labor and Employment Law
Medical Marijuana’s Effect on Employment Law: The Smoke is Clearing
by Gregory A. Hearing and Matthew A. Bowles

Animal Law
The Growing Trend of Animal-Abuser Registries
by Chip Fletcher and DeBora Cromartie-Mincey

Administrative Law
DOAH: Bringing Impartiality and Fairness to Administrative Litigation Since 1975
by Garnett Chisenhall

Real Property, Probate and Trust Law
Taking the “Quick” Out of Quitclaim Deeds
by Robert A. Hoonhout

City, County and Local Government Law
Parliamentary Procedure: Accomplishing the Will of the Majority While Protecting the Rights of the Minority in an Efficient and Respectful Manner
by Mark Moriarty

Tax Law
New Partnership Audit Regime: Opt-Out, Push-Out, or Pay-Up?
by Mitchell I. Horowitz and Gregory M. Marks


December 2017
Volume 91, No.10
Leaving Law Firms with Client Fees: Florida’s Path - by Donald J. Weidner

Asset Protection: The Role of Valuation in Assessing Fraudulent Transfer Exposure - by Eric Boughman and Gary Forster

November 2017

Sept/Oct 2017


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