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President’s Page
The Benefits Go Beyond the Bar
by Michael J. Higer

Administrative Law
Constitutional Rulemaking: What Happens When the APA Doesn’t Apply?
by Jonathan Hayes

Environmental and Land Use Law
Public-Private Partnerships Can “Bridge the Gap” to Resource Sustainability
by Deborah Madden, Luna Phillips, and Beth Ross

Family Law
Putting a Milking Stool Behind a Horse Does Not Make it a Cow: “Accountants’ Charging and Retaining Liens” in Florida
by Luis Insignares and Brian Kruger

Appellate Practice
Appellate Mediation: The Art of Settling After the Trial Court Has Ruled
by Diane G. DeWolf

Real Property, Probate and Trust Law
A Sermon on the Mount (Sinai): Enforceability of Charitable Pledges Against an Estate and Guidance for the Estate Planner and Benevolent Personal Representative
by Thornton B. Henry and J. Grier Pressly III

Tax Law
An Introduction to the Complexities of Taxing Cross-Border Transfers of Digital Goods and Services
by Erik Christenson, Steven Hadjilogiou, and Michael Bruno


February 2018
Volume 92, No.2
Licensing of Florida Contractors - by Leonard W. Klingen

Discharge of Condominium and Homeowners’ Assessments in Bankruptcy - by Jason W. Johnson and David E. Peterson

The Problem of Unpreserved Jury-Instruction Issues in Direct Criminal Appeals - by Richard Sanders

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