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Hoping for a simpler solution, the Rules of Judicial Administration Committee is taking its second stab at writing rules for the largely unregulated way attorneys arrange for substitutes at court appearances when they have a scheduling conflict. The committee passed on first reading a proposed amendment to Rule 2.505 that could clarify which attorneys are authorized to represent a party and require covering lawyers, or stand-in attorneys as the rule refers to them, to file a notice of appearance unless they are from the same firm, company, or agency as the attorney of record in the case. Real estate attorneys are concerned that the latest U.S. Treasury Department crackdown on money laundering is putting them between a rock and a hard place.

John  HoweThere’s no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, but the Wm. Reese Smith, Jr., Leadership Academy may come close. In five years more than 200 academy graduates have already gone on to serve as judges, Florida Bar Board of Governors members, Young Lawyers Division board members, voluntary bar leaders, community organization leaders, and more. Now, two academy graduates are about to command The Florida Bar’s Leadership Academy Committee — in a sense, leading the institution that honed their leadership skills.




Puerto Rican Bar of Florida works with displaced lawyers
The Puerto Rican Bar Association of Florida is turning the tables on Hurricane Maria by hiring displaced Puerto Rican attorneys to help displaced Puerto Rican storm victims — and others — at legal clinics for the poor in Miami and Orlando.

Why are women lawyers leaving the profession?
Hilarie BassFor almost 30 years, women have been graduating from law school in roughly equal numbers to men, yet they are leaving the profession in droves. Why? To answer that question, ABA President Hilarie Bass of Miami launched “Achieving Long-Term Careers for Women in Law,” an initiative that features research on legal careers using life-cycle models from the fields of sociology, social psychology, and economics.

Professionalism trending 'in the right direction'
Justice Fred LewisAs he prepares for mandatory retirement at the end of the year, Florida Supreme Court Justice Fred Lewis says he is encouraged by the progress of a statewide effort to raise the level of professionalism in Florida’s legal community. Making a recommendation on court continuances for family leave and dealing with a variety of lawyer referral issues will occupy the Bar Board of Governors at its July 27 meeting in Hollywood.

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  • July 15, 2018

    SHAYNA COMES TO WORK with Paul and Brandon Labiner of Boca Raton (above). The female goldendoodle is always ready to take short walks with employees who need a break.
    SHAYNA COMES TO WORK with Paul and Brandon Labiner of Boca Raton (above). The female goldendoodle is always ready to take short walks with employees who need a break.
    Mary Nardi's LouieFor animal lovers, there is nothing like being welcomed home after a long day’s work by a dog wagging its tail at your feet. Dogs have assisted human beings for centuries, including protecting the homestead, hunting, and serving as loyal companions. Some Florida Bar members have created a bridge between home and office for their furry best friends, and are proud to bring their beloved canines to work.

    Bar again looks at search engine optimization techniques
    The Bar is once again considering rules to address search engine optimization techniques, and the challenge they pose for keeping lawyer advertising honest and above board. Digital marketing tools like Google AdWords give attorneys the power to target their advertising to any consumer who types a competitor’s name into a search engine. Critics contend the practice is inherently misleading.

    Tax Planning Strategies U.S. and Latin America Conference

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    RICHARD H. LEVENSTEIN, a member of the Constitutional Judiciary Committee, plays “America the Beautiful” before the committee’s “Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education” seminar at The Florida Bar Annual Convention in Orlando.

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    Shiraz is pictured with her owner, Suzi Goodhope.
    THE ANIMAL LAW SECTION recently presented the 2018 “Rikki Mitchell Memorial Animal Achievement Award” to Shiraz for her tireless work as a cadaver dog in the forensic, archeological, and historic realms. She helped locate numerous graves in cemeteries in Florida and Georgia.

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    August 24-25, The Breakers Palm Beach.

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