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December 1, 2017

Jack McMullen

PLENTY OF LAWYERS, LIKE MANY WHITE-COLLAR WORKERS THESE DAYS, TELECOMMUTE. Few do so regularly from an Airstream camper deep in the woods. Yet that’s just what veteran Orlando corporate attorney Jack McMullen has done for the past year. Nostalgic for days as a kid spent camping with his family, and mindful that his 30-year legal practice has never required him to set foot in court, he and his wife several years ago began wondering if they couldn’t expand the notion of telecommuting. That his firm, GrayRobinson, has a progressive attitude toward working outside the office helped convince him and his wife to spring for an iconic 28-foot Airstream camper. Twice a month since, the couple has taken four-day trips in the camper, exploring campsites around the Southeast. Software on his laptop and a cellular hotspot that provides internet service allow him to access all the files he’d have at his fingertips back in his traditional office in downtown Orlando. Ditto with all phone calls to his work number, which are automatically forwarded to his cell. Solar panels atop the camper provide power when farther afield. “If colleagues pop into my office and I’m not there, they know I’m in my Airstream,” he says. “All they have to do is call me or email me.” Clients, too, have encouraged his pastoral form of extreme telecommuting. “They know I’m just as available to help them any time, no matter where I am,” he said.

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