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March 1, 2018

Free Speech
This is in response to Thomas F. Harkins’ letter in the January 1 News. Yes, anyone, including lawyers, should be allowed to express their opinion about same-sex marriage, no matter how misguided.

But would lawyers, who are supposed to base their arguments on reason and fairness really want to do that? I mean, what is the main argument against same sex marriage? Isn’t it pretty much, “because God said so?”

On the other hand, isn’t the main argument for same sex marriage that two consenting adults should have the right to unite as partners in a loving relationship?

Since nobody is ordering anyone to marry someone of the same sex, then why, based on reason and fairness, should anyone’s view of what a marriage should be trump other consenting adults’ liberty to unite in a committed relationship? The truth is they shouldn’t.

I guess the ABA also sees that reason and fairness are not on the side of those opposing same-sex marriage. However, I’d like to think this is more of a recommendation than some sort of requirement.

Christian Cardenas
Hallandale Beach

[Revised: 03-17-2018]