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March 15, 2018
Bar’s Member Benefits program is working for you

Member Benefits logo Are you getting the most from your Florida Bar membership? In the category of legal forms, the following products are yours to check out ( and are available at substantial discounts:

FormsPass offers unlimited access to its library of high-quality legal practice forms for a low yearly or monthly rate, with no timed usage fees, per form fees, printing fees, or other hidden charges. The library is accessible online 24 hours a day with award-winning customer service support. To experience the ease-of-use and broad content of the Florida FormsPass Library, try the online Live Demo at

In the average office 60 percent of the time and 45 percent of the office’s total expense are spent on document creation and management. More than 56 percent — over half — of the documents created by law firms are repetitive forms, documents where most of the text is constant, with adjustments to fit individual circumstances.

Lawyers and firms using the award-winning TheFormTool PRO report they save an average 71 percent of the time otherwise wasted on repetitive documents, with commensurate improvements in error rates and client satisfaction, along with real reductions in office stress.

While every practice area can benefit from this easy-to-use 21st century technology, elder law, family law, real estate, M & A, securities, and business formations typically see the largest immediate improvements. Join the thousands of our customers who say, “This changes everything,” and save 10 percent off our already amazingly low price by entering code FL921MA with your purchase.

Software from TheFormTool uses your documents, forms, and templates created with Word for Windows to build truly intelligent documents that can intelligently and automatically make complex documentation decisions exactly the way you would if you were to devote 100 percent of your attention to the task.

Importantly, TheFormTool PRO needs neither professional installers or help from IT. It installs in less than a minute and the average user is up and running, producing real documents, in less than 10. For all the information you’ll ever need, visit our website.

At it’s $89 price point for a lifetime license with no need for maintenance agreements or payments, our customers describe their decisions to purchase TheFormTool PRO, backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, as a “no brainer.” You’ll agree. We guarantee it.

Phone (800) 759-5418.

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[Revised: 03-18-2018]