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December 15, 2017

Hopping Green & Sams

THE TALLAHASSEE BAR recently presented its 2017 Champion for Diversity in the Legal Profession Award to Hopping Green & Sams. “Hopping Green & Sams has a long history of actively engaging in efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive atmosphere in the workplace,” said TBA President Sean Desmond. “By paying thoughtful attention to the individual needs of each HGS attorney and by caring about its attorneys as both people and professionals, HGS has fostered an environment where all attorneys can succeed and excel regardless of any distinct barriers and challenges long-engrained in the practice of law.” Hopping Green & Sams attorney Vinette Godelia accepted the award and spoke about how the firm’s core values contribute to its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Amelia Savage, Sarah Sandy, Vaishali Desai, Michael Alao, and Erin Tilton also attended the event on behalf of HGS.

[Revised: 10-09-2018]