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March 15, 2018
Type – Ahead Search: A new search tool feature from Fastcase

A Florida Bar free member benefit
By Ronald Robins
Member Benefits Committee Chair

As a member of The Florida Bar, you have access to Fastcase, a legal research platform, completely free of charge.

You can use Fastcase’s powerful tools, including easy-to-use data visualization with the Interactive Timeline, to easily and efficiently find the caselaw or statutory authority you need to make a winning argument. Earlier this year, Fastcase made a beta version of its new user interface, Fastcase 7, available to members of The Florida Bar to try out. This reimagined search platform is available in parallel to the Fastcase 6 interface, but many of Fastcase’s newest innovations are designed specifically and exclusively for Fastcase 7.

Fastcase 7 is accessible by pressing the toggle switch at the top right of the Fastcase screen.

One of these new features is a simple, but powerful, addition to the search tools available to members of The Florida Bar called Type-Ahead Search. With Type-Ahead Search, Fastcase suggests documents to you as you type your search query. Click on any of the results that appear to open that document in a new window. Results are generated instantaneously, and update with every letter you type.

Type-Ahead is best suited for situations where you are looking for a specific document. Rather than trying to dig up a complete citation for the case, or making your best guess at a full case name, you can use Type-Ahead Search to easily locate a document with partial information. If you’re looking for Marbury v. Madison, all you need to do is type in M-A-R-B into the Fastcase search box. Similarly, you can find a case in seconds if you know the citation.

Type-Ahead also works with statutes and regulations. Instead of trying to remember if you need to include periods in “U.S.C.,” all you need to do is type the citation to the statute (with or without periods), and be sure to write “Sec.” in place of the “§” symbol.

The results displayed with Type-Ahead are sorted by relevance. The most frequently cited, viewed, printed, and downloaded documents will naturally appear at the top, making it more likely to find the case quickly.

With Type-Ahead Search in Fastcase 7, Fastcase is continuing its mission of innovating to making legal research faster and smarter for all members of The Florida Bar and attorneys across the country.

Access to Fastcase 7 is free to all members of The Florida Bar without disruption to login procedures or interruption to your current Fastcase “classic” access — both systems are available simultaneously.

For more information on this and many new tools, visit or login directly through The Florida Bar’s website at to start using Fastcase.

Complete information on The Florida Bar Member Benefit Program and the approximately 60 member benefits available to Florida Bar members can be found at

[Revised: 03-20-2018]