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December 15, 2017

Peter R. Palermo Program participants

ELEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT JUDGE ORLANDO PRESCOTT visited St. Thomas University School of Law to speak to high school student participants in the Peter R. Palermo Program. After touring the campus and presenting a fact pattern based on case law, the students listened to Judge Prescott’s inspirational speech about his career path in law and achieving goals through hard work and perseverance. The Palermo Program is a community partnership, launched in 2013, that involves numerous visits each semester by St. Thomas Law students to the Law Magnet Program at Miami’s Carol City Senior High School, overseen by attorney Asiah Wolfolk-Manning. The law students teach topics ranging from constitutional law to U.S. government and history. The inspiration for the program was Judge Palermo’s belief that the leaders of tomorrow, in any profession, must know about the United States Constitution, civics, and the law.

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