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May 15, 2017
Member Benefit: THE LAW.TV offers video services to lawyers

“I want my MTV!” It was a mantra heard over and over in the ’80s. Music television created a revolution.

The first song ever played was “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Now, 36 years later, nothing has changed.

Video still dominates, including in the legal profession. Video provides tangible benefits for large and small firms to stay relevant and competitive in a digital age.

As a participant in the Bar’s Member Benefits program, THELAW.TV wants to make sure every Florida law firm uses the right technology tools to succeed in the mobile revolution. THELAW.TV has been focused on working with law firms and online video since 2009. THELAW.TV has produced more than 200,000 short-form Q&A videos for more than 2,000 lawyers in more than 20 states.

Here are some of the ways video helps businesses online, according to Corey Saban, co-founder of THELAW.TV and a former broadcast journalist.

• Eight out of 10 people say an online video of a professional makes them more confident in the hiring decision;

• Online video attracts three times more visitors to your posts than text;

• Your email click-through rate increases by 96 percent with video;

• Video increases your chance of a first-page Google result by 53 times;

• Visitors will stay on your website longer if you have video content.

“These are some of the reasons why law firms of all sizes are using online video for marketing,” Saban said. “For corporate firms, video adds another layer of comfort, giving your referrals a better sense of who you are. For plaintiffs lawyers, having a large volume of optimized video content helps you get found in searches.”

Saban said THELAW.TV helps law firms improve online engagement by providing them with the most searched questions for their practice areas, which attorneys answer in short-form videos to boost their Google rank and attract new clients. Cathleen Scott, of Scott, Wagner and Associates, and her partner shot 100 Q&A videos covering every aspect of employment law. Each video was 60 seconds or less because research shows that 72 percent of the audience is lost by the one-minute mark. Once production was complete, THELAW.TV worked with Scott’s website developer to embed the videos on the law firm’s website, with one video per page.

THELAW.TV then built a YouTube page for the firm, featuring all of her videos. YouTube is the second most-used search engine, but No. 1 for all “how to” and “what if” questions. The firm also used the videos on its social media pages and in email marketing campaigns. They saw a 60 percent boost in intake from new clients who found the firm through online searches, Saban said.

“Visit to find out what our satisfied clients are saying,” Saban said. “You are invited to our Palm Beach Gardens studio to shoot a free welcome video for your own website, with no strings attached.”

[Revised: 04-20-2018]