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July 1, 2017
Justice teaching volunteers

THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT’S Justice Teaching program involves teaching elementary school students the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, culminating in seeing those rights in action in a mock trial. In May, a trial was held at Hartley Elementary School to determine if a man caught with a stolen bike was truly the man who stole it (or was he innocent and just found the bike in the bushes where the thief had stashed it?). After much deliberation, it was a hung jury. No word yet on whether the state attorney will try the case again next year. Lawyers who put on the trial include, from the left, Tania Schmidt-Alpers, Richard Brooks, Rebeccah Beller, Tom Cushman, Judge Howard McGillin, Meaghan Edwards, Rusty Collins, Amanda Edwards, and Megan Wall.

[Revised: 05-11-2018]