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December 15, 2017
Bar’s Member Benefits program is working for you

Member Benefits logo Are you getting the most from your Florida Bar membership? In the category of banking, the following products are yours to check out ( and are available at substantial discounts:

Bank of America
The Florida Bar offers eligible checking and savings accounts through Bank of America.1 The Florida Bar banking offers Bank of America’s membership benefits, such as secure online account access and the opportunity to enroll in Keep the Change®2, an automated savings program.

In addition to the deposit programs, Bank of America also offers a Florida Bar credit card for personal use with an exceptional rewards program.

1 The Florida Bar banking is available with eligible checking accounts.

2 Upon enrollment, Bank of America will round up your MasterCard or Visa debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference from your checking account to your Bank of America savings account. If your savings account enrolled in Keep the Change® is converted to a checking account, Keep the Change® transfers will continue to be made into that account. Bank of America may cancel or modify the Keep the Change® service at any time without prior notice. Keep the Change® is not available for small business debit cards.


Trust your transactions to the only payment solution recommended by The Florida Bar. Correctly safeguard and separate client funds into trust and operating accounts. Funds are never commingled. Credit cards attract clients, improve cash flow, and reduce collections. Plus, members can save up to 25 percent off their credit card processing fees.

If you are considering accepting credit cards or want to confirm you are processing credit card transactions correctly, call 866-376-0950 or visit

Are you still paying off student loans for you or your children? The Florida Bar has partnered with SoFi to offer members and their families an opportunity to reduce the cost of their student loans by refinancing. Florida Bar members and their families are eligible to receive a $300 welcome bonus1 when they refinance their student and Parent PLUS loans through

SoFi is a market leader of student loan refinancing and has originated $20-plus billion in loans for over 300,000 borrowers. SoFi consolidates and refinances both federal and private loans, potentially saving borrowers thousands of dollars.

The main benefits of SoFi include:·

• Welcome Bonus: Florida Bar members and family members receive a $300 welcome bonus1 when you refinance student or Parent PLUS loans through

• Savings: SoFi attorney borrowers save $391 a month2 on average over the life of their loans when they refinance.

• Rates: Low variable and fixed rates available. Check out current rates at

• Simplicity: Consolidate all existing student loans (federal and private) into a single loan with one monthly payment.

• Perks: SoFi offers member events, a referral program, and more.

• No Hidden Fees: No application fees, no origination fees, and no prepayment penalties.

If you have any questions about SoFi student loan refinancing, visit or contact customer service by calling 855-456-7634 or emailing [email protected].

1Discount will be issued electronically once you become a SoFi borrower, you have submitted a completed application with documents, and your loan has been disbursed. Offer good for new customers only.


[Revised: 03-13-2018]