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December 15, 2017
Traffic Court Rules Committee 2018 Regular-Cycle Additional Amendments

The Traffic Court Rules Committee invites comments on the proposed rule amendments anticipated to be included in the Committee’s regular-cycle report. The full text of the proposals can be found on The Florida Bar’s website at Interested persons should file comments with the Florida Supreme Court, after the report has been filed. The regular-cycle report will be filed no later than February 1, 2018, electronically, to Sergio Cruz, Chair of the Traffic Court Rules Committee, at [email protected], and to the Bar staff liaison, Heather Telfer, at [email protected].

Rule /Form
Rule 6.330. 15-1-1 Clarified subdivision (a) to indicate that the second sentence does not apply to defendants with a commercial driver license or commercial learner permit.
Rule 6.590. 17-0


Deleted the first sentence of subdivision (c) to make it clear that the clerk is not required to set a hearing, but instead will refer the case to the official to adjudicate the defendant and assess all applicable fees.

Deleted the last sentence of subdivision (c) to remove outdated references to “a form to be supplied by the department.” Added a sentence to the end of the subdivisions to conform this rule to the proposed amendments to Rules 6.610 and 6.620.

Rule 6.620 13-0-1 Clarified subdivision (c) to make it clear that the clerk is not required to set a hearing in all cases. Clarified the last sentence so that the notice requirement only applies to defendants whose driving privileges have not been reinstated.

[Revised: 10-18-2018]