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March 15, 2018
Bar partners with Wellbeing Coaches

Preventative healthcare and wellness services are now available to The Florida Bar’s legal community through a newly approved member benefit offering with Wellbeing Coaches, a division of HMC HealthWorks.

Participants will receive discounted telephone and online mental health counseling to support their goals of improving health and wellbeing.

“Since starting the conversation about the health and wellness of our lawyers, this added member benefit is just one of many ways we have identified to focus on the wellbeing of our members,” said President Michael Higer. “And we are just getting started.”

The member benefit is designed to offer one-on-one individual coaching services to support lawyers who face daily pressures and stresses that compromise overall mental and physical health. The Florida Bar notes in a 2015 survey more than one-third of Florida lawyers reported high stress as a major problem, followed by work-life balance. Seven out of 10 attorneys surveyed said they would change careers if they could.

In July 2017, a five-member committee appointed by The Florida Bar Board of Governors was created to address the health and wellness needs of attorneys. The Special Committee on Mental Health and Wellness of Florida Lawyers was created to oversee how the Bar could make the mental health and wellness of its membership a priority. This June, the theme of the 2018 Florida Bar Annual Convention in Orlando will be health and wellness.

Wellbeing Coaches can be accessed through The Florida Bar Membership Program at

[Revised: 03-20-2018]