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September 15, 2017

Marc Ben-Ezra, Don Phillips and  Michael Higer

FLORIDA PROFESSIONAL LAW GROUP teamed up with Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Political Action Committee and others for FAPIA’s program on legislative and other changes that may dramatically affect the rights of Florida property owners and lenders. The event, “Hurricane Andrew, Insurance Advocacy 25 Years Later,” was held at the HistoryMiami Museum, which is featuring the Hurricane Andrew Exhibit. Attendees got an opportunity to visit the extensive exhibit that was curated by Bryan Norcross, executive director of the Weather Channel and famous TV weatherman who helped South Floridians through the 1992 Hurricane Andrew. Proceeds from the event benefited FAPIA’s political action committee, PAs for the Insuring Public. Guest speakers included Florida Bar President Michael Higer, right, Rep. Sean Shaw, D-Tampa, FAPIA’s Lobby Team member Paul Handerhan, FAPIA President Don Phillips, center, and event food and wine sponsor Marc Ben-Ezra of Florida Professional Law Group, left.

[Revised: 03-18-2018]