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March 1, 2013
Rule change may boost CSF

Minor rule changes to conform time standards in Bar rules to those in the Rules of Civil Procedure and to provide some additional monies to the Bar’s Clients’ Security Fund have been presented to the Bar Board of Governors.

Rules Committee Chair Margaret Mathews outlined the changes to the board at its February 1 meeting. The board will vote on the amendments in April.

An amendment to Bar Rule 1-13.1 changes the computation of time to those in the civil procedure rules regarding email service.

The committee also proposed changes to Bar Rule 7-3.1 and Standing Board Policy 3.10, both of which deal with the Clients’ Security Fund.

Those amendments would allow $25 of the $250 fee out-of-state lawyers pay to the Bar when they practice pro hac vice in state courts to be sent to the CSF.

Information provided to the board noted that the number and size of CSF claims has increased over the years, and the new rule and policy “would assist in compensating victims of attorney theft.”

[Revised: 11-25-2017]