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July 1, 2005

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Board revisits Web site
advertising regulations
The question is whether firm sites
should be treated as advertising
or information requested by potential clients
The Bar Board of Governors has reconsidered a proposed advertising rule amendment on attorney Web sites and decided to make no change for the present while a new committee studies the issue...

Should paralegals be regulated?
Lawmakers ask the Bar
to study the issue
The Bar Board of Governors has approved the creation of a new special committee to study whether paralegals in Florida should be regulate...

FSU program gives minority
students an opportunity to
test-drive law school
The goal is to steer undergraduates toward the law
“How many of you want to be a lawyer to be wealthy?” Tallahassee civil rights lawyer Tommy Warren asks 88 students attending the Summer for Undergraduates Program at Florida State University College of Law ...

Hillsborough Bar collects clothing for Iraqi children
When a Wesley Chapel attorney serving in Iraq with the U.S. Army Reserve contacted the Hillsborough County Bar in February to request assistance in providing clothing for the children of poor villagers, it didn’t take long for the bar members to step up to the task. Capt. Peter C. Richard wrote the HCBA describing the peril of the Kirkush, Iraq, children ...

New Web site not at full speed
Free legal research delayed until the server is upgraded
An unexpected combination of high usage and technical problems have caused a delay in the full implementation of the Bar’s new Web site design, including the startup of the FastCase free legal research service...
Jacksonville couple has been practicing for 50 years
She was the only woman when she entered law school in 1949 at the University of Florida, back in a time 45 men would stand against the blackboard waiting for her to leave the classroom first ...
Bar, sections reach accord on financial arrangements
New deal revamps CLE splits
and administrative support for
section activities
With a few final changes, the Bar Board of Governors has approved revamping the way it financially supports the Bar’s sections ...

THE NEW KIDS DESERVE JUSTICE specialty license plate is a creative and practical way to support legal services for Florida’s children. “Funding and volunteers for legal services for children have never been adequate to meet the need,” said Kelly Overstreet Johnson, the Bar’s immediate past president. “But now there is a way for Florida’s lawyers to take a small step that will provide a continuing revenue source for children’s legal services. Simply agree to purchase the new Kids Deserve Justice license tag ...”

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