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April 15, 2011
Federal Securities Law Institute participants

GUNSTER, THOMSON REUTERS, AND THE FLORIDA BAR recently introduced an initiative encouraging minority law students to enter into securities law at the 29th Annual Federal Securities Law Institute in Miami. Gunster, Thomson Reuters, and The Florida Bar awarded several scholarships for students to attend the conference and introduced dozens more to potential mentors in the field. Chief Justice Myron Steele of the Delaware Supreme Court and Gunster securities litigation practice leader Curtis Alva started the program with the goal of exposing more minority law students to corporate and securities law. Traditionally, minorities have been underrepresented in that field. Four scholarships were awarded for students to attend this year’s Federal Securities Law Institute, and 52 law students were invited to a reception to meet securities law attorneys attending the conference. Given the initiative’s success, the program will expand to include additional conferences in San Diego, New York, and New Orleans. “The Annual Federal Securities Law Institute was an excellent forum to introduce these students to the securities law profession,” said Alva. “Leading securities law attorneys in Florida and in the U.S. participated, and all of the students were enthusiastic about the program. We look forward to expanding the program around the country.”

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