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March 15, 2013
Amendment raises mandatory retirement age of judges to 75

A constitutional amendment has been introduced in the Florida House and Senate to raise the mandatory retirement age for the state’s judiciary from 70 to 75.

Sen. Rob Bradley, R-Orange Park, filed SJR 570 in the Senate and Rep. Charles McBurney, R-Jacksonville, introduced the identical HJR 747 in the lower chamber.

The amendments up the mandatory age from 70 to 75 and maintain the provision that a judge or justice who has served more than half of his or her term when reaching the mandatory retirement age may complete that term.

The amendment has an effective date of January 1, and specifies that it applies only to judges or justices elected or appointed after that date.

The Florida Bar has adopted a legislative position supporting increasing the judicial retirement age. (See official notice.)

Both amendments have been referred to several committees in each chamber and, as this News went to press, neither had been put on a committee agenda for consideration.

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