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August 1, 2014
Colleen Bishop, Connor Bishop, Edward McCarthy, and  Melanie Griffin

IT WAS A BITTERSWEET MOMENT for the Young Lawyers Division at its Board of Governors meeting at the Annual Convention in Orlando. The first Kathy McCarthy Bishop Award was presented to Edward McCarthy of Miami, second from the right, for his service as a board member. The award honors the memory of Kathy Bishop, who was a YLD board member from Perry with a longtime passion for the law before her death last year from cancer. Her eldest son, Connor Bishop, second from the left, spoke about his mother. “This award would have meant the world to Kathy. She loved being a lawyer every single day. I’m really glad to be here to see this today.” Former YLD President Jaime Billotte Moses shared some thoughts about Bishop: “She was the most amazing woman on earth. She was the most vital person on our board. Every committee was better because Kathy was on it. Every meeting was better because Kathy was there. Every social event was better because Kathy was there.” Moses said that Edward McCarthy is “Kathy Bishop personified.” The purpose of the award is to honor distinguished YLD board members who have no alternate motive but to give their services out of total passion and dedication to the division. Also pictured is immediate past YLD President Melanie Griffin, right, and Bishop’s daughter, Colleen, left. After her service on the YLD board, Bishop served as an assistant ethics counsel with the Bar in Tallahassee.

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