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June 15, 2014
Rule would allow CLE delinquent lawyers 60 days to become compliant

Lawyers who failed to meet their CLE or Basic Skills Course Requirements would have 60 days to become compliant under a rule amendment presented to the Bar Board of Governors.

The change was recommended by the Rules Committee, acting on the recommendation of the Board of Legal Specialization and Education. The board received the amendment at its May meeting and is scheduled to vote at its July meeting.

The rule provides that if attorneys missed the deadline for CLE or BSCR and made it up in the next 60 days, the effective date would be made retroactive to the deadline and there would be no prosecution for practicing while suspended.

The change would bring the CLE and BSCR compliance policy in line with the Bar’s policy on delinquent annual membership fees. Information provided to the board also noted that CLE and BSCR delinquencies are usually treated as administrative matters rather than regular discipline cases and that, “Members should be permitted a 60-day window in which to secure reinstatement without the imposition of a potential sanction for the practice of law during that time period.”

[Revised: 01-22-2018]