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April 15, 2013
Tallahassee Barristers Association event

THE TALLAHASSEE BARRISTERS ASSOCIATION held its scholarship luncheon in March that featured presentations on the importance of diversity in the legal field given by Wendy Loquasto, Cecille Lucero, and Justice James E.C. Perry. Law students from schools throughout Florida were invited to apply for the scholarship by submitting essays focusing on specific legislation or court decisions that have impacted diversity within the legal profession. Four finalists were chosen: Chandrese Colebrook, of Florida State University; Phylicia D.C. Pearson of Stetson University; Emily Tocci of Barry University; and Wendi R. Whipkey of Florida Coastal. Of the finalists, Tocci was the recipient of the $500 scholarship for her essay on the content of proposed legislation that would provide protections for individuals identified as victims of human trafficking and allow trafficking victims to seek to vacate criminal convictions involving prostitution and other nonviolent offenses that occurred as a direct result of that victim being trafficked. The scholarship luncheon was funded in part by The Florida Bar’s Diversity Leadership Grant. Pictured from the left are TBA President Mutaqee Akbar, Colebrook, Justice Perry, Tocci, Whipkey, and TBA President-elect Kristen Hanna.

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