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March 15, 2013
Literary Lawyers

Richard Warren Rappaport of Boca Raton wrote STAR! Finding Artistic and Commercial Success in the New Entertainment Industry. The guide details the world of entertainment for artists, artists’ attorneys, and industry professionals. It also discusses the genesis of artistic creativity, the business of the entertainment industry, assembling a team, charting an artist’s career, the professional introduction to the industry, the development deal, artistic entrepreneurship, and success within the industry, including artistic leadership, the power of celebrity, education and mentoring, and charitable and civic involvement. The book is available at

Tom Truex of Truex Law Office in Davie wrote Imitate Christ. The book is a daily devotional, including the complete text of The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis and many selections drawn from Kempis’ lesser known writings, such as Instructions for Religious; Moments with the Consoling Christ; Prayers and Meditations; and The Little Kempis. The work is heavily annotated with more than 1,150 references and footnotes. It is available at Barnes & Noble and

Greg Wilson, chief assistant state attorney for the 14th Judicial Circuit in Panama City, penned Salvaged Santa: The Mike Jones Bay County School Board Shooting Miracle. The book details how School Security Chief Mike “Salvage Santa” Jones saved six men from a deranged gunman in a videotaped shootout that was broadcast worldwide. This biographical story shows how God’s purpose for Jones’ life was revealed on that day. The book is available at and

Keith J. Hesse of Carlton Fields in Orlando wrote Law Firm Follies. Set in Orlando in 1985-86, the legal thriller recounts events confronting fourth-year associate Mark Searcy and his colleagues as they face the biggest case of their careers. It arises from the accidental exposure of the plaintiff, a young upwardly mobile hotel manager, to a terrifying new and emerging disease then bursting onto the national consciousness; AIDS. In defending a hospital and blood bank against her claims, Searcy and his firm are thrust into uncharted legal waters. The book is available at

Linda Calvert Hanson, director of the Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism and chair of the General Practice Solo and Small Firm Section of The Florida Bar, co-authored Small Firms, Big Opportunity: How to Get Hired and Succeed in the New Legal Economy with Samantha Williams, director of Employer Relations at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Smaller firms are now the big legal employer, so the book provides tangible, practical steps to find and land the positions. It is also one of the first publications to set out the core competencies — business skills, associate skills, personal and professional development, and lawyering skills — needed to succeed as a smaller firm attorney. The book is available at and from Lawyer Avenue Press.

Suzannah Gilman of Winter Park authored I Will Meet You at the River. The collection of poems chronicles romantic relationships in their many moods and stages, going full-circle from the thrill and discovery of new love to the dread one feels when the “right” partner is realized to be the wrong one, to the promise of another chance at love, along with some of the hurts and dramas and passions that can occur along the way. It is available at

Bruce J. Berman of Carlton Fields in Miami published Berman’s Florida Civil Procedure, 2011-12 ed. (Vol. 4, Florida Practice Series) (West Group). The book is a leading treatise on Florida state practice and procedure, published annually since 1998. It is available at

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