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September 1, 2013
Scott Hawkins and Gwynne YoungTHE FLORIDA BAR received the LexisNexis Community & Educational Outreach Award from the National Association of Bar Executives for its “The Vote’s in YOUR COURT” public education program, conducted prior to the 2012 merit retention elections. Nearly 385,000 educational pamphlets were distributed and more than 10,000 face-to-face educational interactions took place. Social media recruited 10,400 fans/followers and almost 40 million impressions from online ads were created. Voters participated in the merit retention elections at a 10 percent higher rate than they had in the 2008 general/presidential election. Pictured accepting the award are past Presidents Scott Hawkins and Gwynne Young. The Florida Bar is now focusing on providing additional adult civic education through its Benchmarks program. Benchmarks is a series of civic education activities that attorneys can present when they speak to civic and community groups. Many Americans lack basic knowledge about their government and the courts; Benchmarks offers a way to bridge the gap and educate and engage audiences about civics education. For more information about Benchmarks, contact the Bar’s Public Information office at 850-561-5834 or email [email protected].

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