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January 15, 2013
UM teams with global firm

London-based global law firm Eversheds has teamed up with LawWithoutWalls, the legal and commercial education project led by the University of Miami School of Law, in a first-ever collaboration.

The participation was announced by Bryan Hughes, chief executive of Eversheds, and LawWithoutWalls co-creators Michele DeStefano, an associate professor at the University of Miami School of Law, and Michael Bossone, special advisor to UM Dean Patricia D. White. Lawyers from Eversheds’ worldwide operation and clients of the firm will bring their practical expertise to students from 18 universities around the world in LawWithoutWalls’ 2013 program.

Hughes called it “unique, practical training,” in which students “develop innovative business solutions specific to the legal sector and present these ideas to a panel of venture capitalists and legal industry experts” at the course’s conclusion.

“LawWithoutWalls is about developing a future generation of lawyers who are commercial, innovative, digitally-savvy, and global thinkers,” Hughes said of the program, under which leaders from business and academia mentor the next generation of legal and business students to help them attain real-world commercial skills.

“We are absolutely delighted to have Eversheds as the global law firm to participate in LawWithoutWalls,” said Dean White. “We were seeking to include a major global law firm which embraces innovation, technology, and the highest standards of quality and service. Eversheds is a perfect choice.”

Professor DeStefano and Bossone said they were very pleased with the collaboration with Eversheds and its promise of meeting the challenges of today’s global legal marketplace.

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