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November 15, 2011
CFPA members

THE CENTRAL FLORIDA Paralegal Association is “committed to sending their love and support to those who do so much to preserve our way of life.” Since 2007, the CFPA has held donation/collection drives to benefit the nation’s armed forces. This year the members began collecting their wares in early August, and on October 1, they held a packing and shipping get-together at ITT Technical College. The association shipped 42 boxes to six recipients, each of whom has agreed to share their “care” packages with their units. The boxes included notes of thanks and support, along with crackers, cookies, candies, personal hygiene items, and all sorts of items to try to make their lives a little less inconvenient during their tours of duty. The CFPA volunteers pictured include Diana Bonilla, Antoinette Braga, Natalie Colon, Jorge Cruz, Jan DeJulio, Marisa Green, Peonca Grier, Jean Hinton, Anne Hughes, Leslie Irick, Terri Martin, Megan Martin, and Audrey Riley.

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