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May 1, 2010
Justice Scalia

UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT Justice Antonin Scalia visited the Florida State University College of Law in April. Justice Scalia met with faculty members and friends of the law school during an informal reception and also addressed members of the student body. During his presentation, Justice Scalia discussed his belief in originalism and an “enduring” United States Constitution. “Originalism is nothing new; it used to be orthodoxy,” said Justice Scalia, according to a press release from the FSU College of Law. He also argued against the idea of the Constitution as “a living document.” “The Constitution is not an organism; it is a legal text,” Scalia said. “Its whole purpose is to be a rock.” More than 400 people were in attendance to hear Justice Scalia’s presentation. “Everyone at Florida State law was thrilled to welcome Justice Scalia to our campus,” said Dean Don Weidner. “This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to meet and hear from a major figure in American law.”

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