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March 15, 2014
Bar board to consider petition that would raise Bar fees to fund legal aid program

Pursuant to Rule 1-12.1(f), over 50 members of The Florida Bar gave notice to The Florida Bar on February 26, 2014, of their intent to file a petition with the Supreme Court of Florida to amend Rule 1-7.3(a). The amendment appears in legislative format below. The amendment must be filed with the Supreme Court of Florida, with further notice and opportunity to be heard, before it is officially approved and becomes effective. This matter will be on the agenda of the Board of Governors for its consideration at its March 28 meeting in Palm Coast. Any comments for the board’s consideration may be sent to [email protected]. Once filed with the Supreme Court of Florida, comments may be filed directly with the court. Rule 1-12.1 governs this matter.


(a) Membership Fees Requirement. On or before July 1 of each year, every member of The Florida Bar, except those members who have retired, resigned, been disbarred, or been classified as inactive members pursuant to rule 3-7.13, shall pay annual membership fees to The Florida Bar in the amount set by the budget, provided that the board of governors shall not fix the membership fees at more than $265365 per annum. Any annual membership fees set by the board of governors in excess of $265 per annum shall be used as additional funding for the Legal Aid to the Poor Program of The Florida Bar Foundation. At the time of the payment of membership fees every member of The Florida Bar shall file with the executive director a statement setting forth any information that may be required by the board of governors.

[Revised: 11-29-2017]